Change. Lots of noise. Change again.


My husband drew the picture above to illustrate a productivity point that he was trying to make.  “You have big change, and then a lot of noise.  You get used to it and then you have big change again, and you have a lot of noise, but it isn’t as loud.  Then everything levels off.”

One of the changes that I am trying to make in my life is to have a regular writing schedule.  Like so many writers, I have put off my writing again and again, until the day is done — and on and on and on.  No noise.  No change.


With the hope that I will finally be able to make a lifestyle change to a place where I am writing regularly,  I am attempting BIG CHANGE.  Part of this big change is writing every day.  Someway, somehow, I must write every day.  And I anticipate a LOT of noise in the form of anxiety, urgent tasks, illnesses, and lots of sweating.

I haven’t defined exactly what type of writing that I must do for this BIG CHANGE.  Only that I must write every day.  So here I am on day two (I failed on day one), at 9:30 p.m., attempting to write a blog post.  I spent about thirty minutes before I started writing looking for a kitchen timer on Amazon, so that I might properly follow the Pompadora technique as so many how-to books have advised.   But then I recognized the search for what it was — procrastination, resistance — and opened up this blog.

My creative brain is being of no help whatsoever.  I can’t think of a single thing to write about except the fact that I am trying to write every day.  How in the world do those writers of “This Is Us” come up with all those amazing stories and dialogue week after week?  I feel like the stupidest person in the blogosphere.   What can I write?  Uhmmn, my dog is lying on my foot, nudging a pink fuzzy chewed tennis ball with her nose.  My husband is watching a football game.  It’s dark outside (not even a dark and stormy !)  The mosquitoes are bad.    And……   That’s all I’ve got.  No wisdom, no insightful quotes, no charming metaphors.   Just lots of noise.  White noise.  Irritating, nothing noise.  My husband was right.


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